Why Integrate Your CRM And Accounting Software For Business Growth

QuickBooks CRM

Once CRM and Accounting application is capable of sending and receiving data to and fro, manual data entry becomes a thing of the past, which in turn can easily free-up your organization from turning into a complex application landscape.

Several business organizations nowadays use different software to enhance its growing operational needs. Although, apparently it might seem that using separate software systems may seem manageable, yet most businesses using silo software solution are struggling to keep up their growth.

This is happening because disconnected business application systems cause a bottleneck in processes which leads to a loss in productivity among employees.

One such disconnected software applications are easy to use CRM and Accounting software platforms.

Now, while CRM aids businesses to manage all your organization’s front-end processes such as sales management, customer interactions, marketing campaigns and more, Accounting software assists in managing back-end operations like billing, customer purchase information, shipping info and more.

Therefore, once CRM and Accounting application is capable of sending and receiving data to and fro, manual data entry becomes a thing of the past, which in turn can easily free-up your organization from turning into a complex application landscape.

Here are 5 vital reasons, why you must integrate your CRM with an Accounting software platform:

  1. 360-Degree View Of Customer Related Info

One of the major benefits of integrating your easy to use CRM with accounting software is that it aids you to find all your customer information in one place.
Right from sales, marketing, collaborations, and support to accounting and bookkeeping, an integrated system can provide you a complete 360-degree view of your business workflows.

  1. Speedy Business Process

In every business big or small, the customer info primarily hits the CRM software platform whether it might be a Lead or an Opportunity and thereafter at a particular stage when needed is sent to the accounting software.

Therefore, to know about any particular information your employees need to switch frequently between CRM and the accounting platform. Whereby, by linking these two major business applications (as any business is all about making profits from its customers) the transfer of data can be done with a single click and you can find all the info in a single place.

  1. Improved Efficiency

Without a totally integrated system, your teams are always at risk of losing their deals.
For example, when any customer contact your organization requesting a clarification or explanation related to an invoice which has been sent previously by your accounting team, by the time your support or sales rep trawls through both the systems to access the info, it will result in a sheer increase in response time resulting in a negative customer experience (CX) for your consumers.

  1. Eliminate Duplication

While working with two completely siloed systems, there is a high possibility of entering the same information over and over again.

However using an integrated CRM and accounting system, you can use the easy to use CRM platform’s highly efficient CRM database as your centralized hub to find all the information that is necessary for your business growth.

  1. Cost Efficient And Easy To Use

One of the most common misconceptions about the integration of easy to use CRM solution and accounting system is that it will be a costly affair and complicated software to use.

Not anymore, especially if you are using QuickBooks CRM software, where the integrations are ready for you.

What is QuickBooks CRM software?

QuickBooks CRM software is one that integrates with QuickBooks, the most popular online accounting package in the U.S, and aids businesses by consolidating accounting and customer information in one place.

CRM software that integrates with QuickBooks not only saves time by eliminating the need for double accounting entries but it also provides a gateway for passing on payment and invoice information to your sales, marketing, and support teams.

Now if you are looking for the key areas that you need to focus and consider while selecting the best QuickBooks CRM software for your business, the criteria include easy to use, affordability, direct integration, invoicing and payment search, alerts and notifications, and round the clock customer support, which will help strengthen your brand’s sales cycle and also provide world-class customer experience for stellar business growth.


Best QuickBooks CRM software platforms offer you bidirectional synchronization of different info between the CRM and the accounting package, whereby you can either trigger the data synchronization at the instance or schedule the sync to run at regular intervals as per the requirement of your business.

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